Wonder Falls

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Evening magic!
This luscious cream soothes while removing makeup from the barest of faces to the most heavily made up. Its texture transforms from a tantalizing cream to a soothing oil and easily rinses off.

Rich in prebiotics and probiotics, its formula perfectly respects the skin’s natural balance.
Pigment, residue, and all other impurities disappear, revealing naturally radiant skin.
It enriches all skin types with gentle comfort, especially mature or dry skin.


Glacial Spring Water: promotes tissue exchange, revitalizes and strengthens the skin’s defense systems.

Prebiotics: nourish the microbiota responsible for protecting the skin’s surface.

Probiotics: enrich the skin flora.

How to use

On dry skin, massage a small amount of product onto the face and eye area. Rinse with lukewarm water or a damp cloth.
Follow with toner.

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