At Vicki Morav Spa, these signature facials were especially curated to deliver the most dramatic results possible. In the words of Vicki Morav, you will be “Gorgeous Again!”


Signature Facials

Nothing Basic Facial

60 min, $250

An in-depth skin analysis followed by deep pore cleansing

Microdermabrasion Facial

120 min, $425

Our most popular facial combines deep resurfacing of dead skin cells followed by deep pore cleansing, an infusion of concentrated ingredients and the most unique collagen mask for ultimate hydration and regeneration

Microderm - Lymph Facial

120 min, $475

The ultimate detox for congested, dull or lifeless skin. With crystal exfoliation skin turnover is increased while lymphatic drainage expels toxins

Microderm - Microcurrent Facial

120 min, $640

This treatment is all about lifting, sculpting, and firming. Using three kinds of currents, this non-surgical facelift targets muscles, skin, and connective tissue

Face Flow Massage

45 min, $125

This facial massage targets muscles that are not used and by massaging and working them up they gain memory, get stimulated. Face is lifted and you will have a glow


45 min, $400


45 min, $400

Radio Frequency Lifting Treatment 90 min, $850

JetPeel Infusion

30 min, starts at $300

Lift C.V.S.

30 min, $125

Le Soin Restructurant

30 min, $115

FACIAL ADD-ONS Acid Peel $100
LED Light Therapy $95 P50 Exfoliant $150

VIP O2 Booster $125 BR Second Skin $195 BR Masque Feerie $125

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Prices are not applicable for Vicki Morav. Please call (212) 744-4753 for more info

BODY TREATMENTS Triple Exfoliation Body Facial

75 min, $250

Lymphatic Full Body Treatment

75 min, $295

Radio Frequency Body

35 min, Starting at $350

SCALP TREATMENTS Scalp PowerJet Treatment

60 min, $195

Removal of dead cells from scalp using high pressure as well as infusion of high-grade vitamins. This scalp treatment allows the hair follicles to receive nutrients, promote oxygenation and regeneration

Scalp Microneedling

30 min, $220

This deep resurfacing scalp treatment uses micro needling technique for exfoliating away dead skin cells. Needling also creates minor injury which promotes regeneration and oxygenation of hair follicles


Packages available

Oxygen Cell Gym

45 min, $250

Packages available

Intermittent hypoxic training (IHT) can promote recovery, more energy, and less fatigue, leaving a meditative state after. It is like HIT for the brain

Infrared Sauna + ChromoTherapy

30 min, $35 60 min, $69

Using advanced therapy to promote heat generation in the body without heating the air, our saunas result in a deeper sweat while enjoying the benefits of Chromotherapy


Eyebrow Shaping $120

Eyebrow Tint $50 Eyelash Tint $65


Prices are not applicable for Vicki Morav. Please call (212) 744-4753 for more info