At Vicki Morav Spa, I carefully crafted these signature facials to deliver the most dramatic results possible. Each treatment is performed by my most trusted estheticians whom I trained personally. Perfectly curated to help you reveal an exceptional and truly transformed radiant skin. In the words of Vicki Morav, you will be “Gorgeous Again.” - Vicki Morav


Signature Facials

Vicki Morav Goddess Facial 
Please call for pricing

Vicki Morav has truly personalized this signature treatment based on thorough skin analysis, and an innate understanding of the clients skin from the inside out. The service addresses specific concerns to deliver ultimate radiant glow. This facial includes a combination of advanced technologies and judicial techniques customized to each individual skin condition. This guarantees jaw-dropping short and long term youthful results (Recommended biweekly or monthly to maintain your forever youth)

Manhattan Elite’s Facial                                                          
180 min, $1350

This is the most sought out go-to treatment for our elite clients from all over the world who fly in to have it. Our combination of radiofrequency, microcurrent and oxygen give a natural facelift while speeding up the production of collagen and elastin, for a lifted and defined appearance. Collagen is infused to plump and revitalize for red carpet worthy-skin.

Glow of Youth
120 min, $840

Skin is prepared with crystal exfoliation, microdermabrasion, then rejuvenated with collagen stimulated micro-needling. Ideal for textural issues, enlarged pores, acne scars, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Followed up with active ingredients infused into the skin to plump and hydrate, then finished with a collagen mask. Leaving your skin with a complete complexion reset. Say hello to your new glowing skin! 

Pre and Post Natal
Starting at $325

Designed specifically for expectant and new mothers. The treatment targets each individual’s concern with pregnancy safe ingredients. Call us in advance to let us know what stage you’re in.  

60 min, $250

An in-depth skin analysis followed by traditional steam and extraction techniques result in a deeply purifying facial. Ideal for problematic, oily or acne prone skin. 

120 min, $425

This classic and most popular facial combines crystal exfoliation with an infusion of concentrated ingredients and collagen. This treatment leaves the complexion clear and texture renewed. (Recommended at least once a month) 

Pollution Defense
90 min, $405

Designed to counteract the damage from pollution, this facial utilizes high performance concentrated ingredients to reverse cell damage. This treatment uses various forms of antioxidants that help protect, refresh and balance the skin. Pure oxygen is infused to stimulate collagen production and improve results. Breathe life back into your skin. 

The Cure
90 min, $505

This targeted facial is focused on repairing the skin’s barrier functions and reintroducing hydration to the skin. LED light therapy is combined with oxygen and collagen infusion to repair skin. Ideal for sensitive, rosacea prone, or irritated skin. Give your skin a recharge. 

Grand Detox
120 min, $625

Need a reboot? The ultimate detox for congested, dull or lifeless skin. With crystal exfoliation or acid peel, skin turnover is increased while lymphatic drainage expels toxins. This treatment will leave skin soft, refreshed, clear and vibrant. 
Cryo Infusion (Jet Peel Facial) 
120 min, $785

Jet Peel high pressure technology uses powerful stream of micro-droplets to reach the dermal layer of the skin to clean, exfoliate and infuse the skin with active ingredients to stimulate collagen and elastin. Lymphatic drainage simultaneously drains toxins, improves circulation and decreases swelling. This facial breathes new life into mature, dehydrated, or dull skin as well as acne prone, impure skin. Get your instant glow with zero downtime.  

Manu-X Lift and Remodeling 
120 min, $725

A client favorite, this treatment is a Vicki Morav combination of european-inspired techniques. An exceptional treatment that is all about lifting, sculpting, and firming. This non-surgical facelift treatment targets muscles, skin, and connective tissue. This includes microdermabrasion, microcurrent, lift cvs and collagen mask. The results are immediate and impeccable. (A series of 10 is recommended for best results) 

Speciality Treatments

Lift C.V.S.
30 min, $285

Smoothing, exfoliating, regenerating powder result in an instant, manual facelift. These highly concentrated ingredients work together with pinching, vibrating and remodeling movements to stimulate the skin and redefine the facial structure. This treatment leaves your skin soft, smooth, and firm. Ideal for devitalized and/or seborrheic skin.

Le Soin Restructurant
30 min, $285

This manual facelift gives a noticeable lift and reshaping of the facial structure. Silk proteins, Hyaluronic Acid, and natural extracts with deeply exfoliating properties purify and restore the skin's volume, leaving an even complexion and a firm, flawless surface. 

Advanced Treatments

Facelift (Radio Frequency)
90 min, $1,050

Are you looking for a facelift without undergoing “the knife?” Our Forever Youth uses radio frequency energy to boost collagen and elastin production. It tightens and tones the face to create firm, lift, and rejuvenating looking skin with each treatment. (A series of 4 - 6 is recommended for best results)

Lymphatic Drainage
45 min,$295

This facial treatment targets the lymph-nodes and drains toxins. It helps improve overall skin’s radiance, reduces swelling and over time, with consistency, create a more sculpted look to the face. Voilà to a natural contour face.  


Second Skin

An anti-aging alternative to fillers created to specifically address the needs of mature skin.

Cold Marine Mask

Anti-inflammatory and calming algae mask that helps restore the vitality of the skin.

Masque Feerie

Collagen hydrates the top layers of the skin to refresh and soothe.

VIP 02 Booster
60 min, $405

Special Biologique Recherche lifting technique that stimulates the tissue of the skin. This gentle, yet effective oxygenating treatment regenerates cells for a brighter, more hydrated look.


Acid-X Peel $120

LED Light Therapy $95

P50 Exfoliant $150

O2 Infusion $155