Vicki Morav

Vicki Morav is a renowned skincare expert and celebrity esthetician who has been working her magic for over 32 years. Her results-oriented practice is based on her extensive knowledge of skin care, utilizing breakthrough technology, and layering the skin with the highly active and effective products, customized to match one's chemistry. Her signature approach - an innate understanding of each client's genetics, predisposition, existing behaviors and conditions allows her to treat client’s skin from the inside out. 

The effect is nothing short of miraculous, earning her a devoted following and worldly recognition with A-list clients, elite and royalty from around the world lining up for their next appointment. Her treatments, designed to deliver dramatic, skin changing results have clients referring to Vicki Morav as ‘NYC Best Kept Secret.’

Vicki Morav has created a skin care oasis with the essence of calm in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. At the core, she works with honesty, integrity, and passion - understanding that true transformation is the result of not only knowledge, but genuine care. An experience at Vicki Morav is not only restorative and transforming, but blissfully addictive. A truly unforgettable experience that time after time again will leave you “Gorgeous Again”.