Deto2x Detox Cream 1.5 oz

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Valmont Deto2x Cream Provides pure oxygen to the cells, eliminates carbon dioxide and boosts cells’ turn over.

DETO2X Cream offers the skin a true breath of fresh air ! Each day, the cream captures oxygen in the atmosphere and infuses it into the skin. That is why the cream features a foamy / whipped cream texture that is recreated each and every day.

A unique “whipped cream” texture

An “Inflated mattress” effect for a plumped and smooth skin texture

-Cleansing against particle pollution

-Complexion is less dull, greyish


Oxygenating and detoxifying cream

O2 Complex: 

Brings O2 to the cells and evacuate excess CO2

Stem cells from Swiss apple:

Boost cells’ renewal

Triple DNA:

Stimulates the skin's vital functions

For a complete oxygenating regimen:

Morning: Prime B.Cellular + Deto2x Cream

Evening: Prime B.Cellular + Prime Regenera I

Every morning after applying a serum, skim off the foam at the surface of the cream. For optimal effectiveness and to maximize skin oxygenation : – Do not heat the cream in your hands. – Skim off the foam, apply four dabs of cream on the face and rub in using light effleurage gestures. – If possible, skim off and apply the cream using a brush. For a complete oxygenating program, apply Prime Regenera I at night.

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