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MBR The BEST Face Treatment 1.7 Oz

$ 1,440.00

THE BEST Face An extraordinarily powerful, targeted skincare cream that penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. The formulation of this cream is based on the exclusive active ingredient MBR® FibroBoost Complex with its patented CapsulesTM technology, combined with high-quality supplementing substances. It slows down the ageing process and visibly rejuvenates the skin – for a new dimension of anti-ageing care.


 Revitalises the activity of the fibroblasts to increase the collagen and elastin production of the skin

 Visibly tightens weakened contours

 Compensates for a lack of inherent skin firmness  Promotes the rejuvenation of skin cells

 Relaxes expression lines

 Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

 The skin gains in volume and appears remarkably fresher, smoother, and younger

Directions Mornings and evenings. Cleanse/open the pores of the face with the Enzyme Cleansing Booster, then apply the recommended serums: Liquid Surgery Serum®, Cross Lift Serum Ultrapeptide or Tissue Activator Serum. Finish your skincare ritual by applying THE BEST Face and gently massaging it into your skin.

THE BEST - MBR® FibroBoost Complex The intelligent interplay at a variety of levels result in

 strengthening and stimulation of general activity

 increase in collagen/elastin synthesis

 activation of the cells in the connective tissue

 proliferation of the important constituents of the intracellular matrix


 The skin is plumped up

 Is visibly re-shaped and contoured

 Looks visibly rejuvenated Skin rejuvenation isn't a dream; it is REALITY!

Highly efficient peptide combinations for the prevention of wrinkles and expression lines, thanks to an inhibiting effect on the contraction of the facial muscles.

 Reduction of expression lines

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