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Lip Contour Refiner

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$ 134.00

Multi-active lip care that refreshes, cools, and gives the lips more volume. It intensely moisturizes, revitalizes, cares for and protects dry lips.
• Increases and improves the ability to retain moisture
• Protects against drying out, has a soothing and balancing effect
• Makes lips smooth and supple
• No lip lines and lines on the lips and the area around the lips looks visibly smoother
• The lip‘s contours are firmed


Apply to the lips morning and evening or several times a day as needed. For vertical lip lines, apply outside the lips‘ contours.

Airless: 15 ml


• Shea butter
• Crodamol ISIS
• bisabolol
• camomile extract
• Kalpariane®
• dexpanthenol
• Syn® Hycan

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