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CytoLine Cream 100 1.7 Oz

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$ 420.00
A highly effective concentrated nourishing cream which actively increases skin performance in regenerative cell proliferation and moisture regulation. ? Promotes natural cell growth ? Binds free radicals ? Provides lasting moisturisation and protects against moisture loss ? Improves the skin?s resistance ? Increases skin firmness and elasticity ? Makes skin appear visibly younger

Directions Mornings and evenings. After cleansing and opening (Two in One Cleanser / Beta-Enzyme / Starter Facial Booster), apply Cell Power Vital Serum or Tissue Activator Serum on the face and gently massage in. Then apply as a final treatment, spread CytoLine® Cream 100 generously over the skin.

Airless: 50 ml

Ingredients ? MPC TM complex ? shea butter ? avocado oil ? crambe oil ? shambrilla oil ? hyaluronic acid ? vitamin E acetate ? sea mayweed ? Kalpariane®

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