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Cross Lift Serum Ultrapeptide 1 Oz

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MBR Cross Lift Serum Ultrapeptide is a multi-regulating intensive treatment for particularly fast-acting and sustainable skin-repair. The unique conditioning effect is immediately noticeable. Thanks to the highly-dosed serum, with its epidermal and dermal effect, the skin already feels younger, fresher and noticeably smoother directly after application. Lines and wrinkles are smoothed and plumped, with a long-lasting effect.

Contours appear firmer

Regulates the moisture supply

Provides hygroscopic effect

Promotes the synthesis of collagen

Activates the skin's own regenerative ability

Improves the skin's structure

Reduces the distinctiveness of wrinkles by reducing micro-contractions

Has an antioxidant effect

Provides optimal protection against negative environmental influences

Calming effect, restores the physiological balance of stressed skin

Directions Mornings and evenings. After cleansing and opening (Two in One Cleanser / Beta-Enzyme / Starter Facial Booster) Cross Lift Serum Ultrapeptide, apply to the skin and work in. Thereafter, in the final step, apply Face Cream Smooth 100 or Cream Extraordinary.

Tip After completing the treatment, and if the skin displays pronounced vertical lines and wrinkles around the mouth as well as distinctive wrinkles between the eyebrows and crow?s feet, it is recommended to apply a drop of Cross Lift Serum Ultrapeptide above the lip contour as well as to the previously mentioned zones, by using the fingertips. This significantly increases both the skin?s smoothness and firmness.

Airless: 30 ml

Ingredients Cross Lift MBR  Syn-Ake*, ChroNoline, Cyclopeptide-5,  MaxAqua MBR

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