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Cream Deodorant Cell Power

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MBR Medical Beauty Research Cream Deodorant Cell Power

Antiperspirant deodorant cream that cares for skin.
• for fresh and healthy skin all day long
• particularly soft and gentle (such as for sensitive skin and after hair removal)


Apply daily after cleansing skin. Squeeze out the required amount and spread on using your fingers.

Good to know
The armpits belong to skin areas with particular physiological properties because due to the higher number of sweat glands here, the occlusion and the increased sweat secretion of the ph value is 6.5 higher than in other skin areas (about 5.5). As a result, bacteria that produces uncomfortable odors is more likely to develop. In order to prevent these odors from developing, various ingredients are used in deodorants. The efficiency of this deodorant also depends particularly on the skin compatibility, which can be achieved, among others, by leaving out alcohol.

tube: 50ml


• Shambrillaöl
• Bisabolol
• Extrakte aus Caviar, Algen und Seidensericin and Aloe Vera

MBR Cream Deodorant Cell Power

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