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Creme Collagene

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Crème Collagène is a regenerating skincare product that visibly densifies the epidermis. Formulated around a collagen segment, the dermal support protein fiber, it helps restore the skin’s structure. 

Combined with water-logged active ingredients, it immediately hydrates the skin tissue which is plumped up and tightened. Its light texture is suitable for seborrhea-prone skin.

Dehydrated and altered Skin Instants©

How To USE

1. Apply every morning and/or evening on clean skin. Gently massage the face, neck, and décolleté until complete absorption.


Avoid the eye area. Do not use it on children under the age of 3. External use only.


50 ml

As each of our products is designed for a specific Skin Instant©,

they are only available after undergoing a skin analysis in one of our Biologique Recherche centers.

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