Regenerating Collagen Mask Treatment

$ 610.00

An icon of Valmont expertise, this mask inherited from brand's medical roots imbues the skin with reparative, dermo-tensor collagen.

In just 20 minutes, it intensely hydrates and soothes, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines.
Its decongesting ingredients reduce the appearance of puffiness, activate microcirculation, and fight against dark circles.
Eyes appear fresh, sparkling and visibly well rested.

Suitable for all skin types, either as a one-off beauty boost or 5-week treatment.


5 Sheets of Collagen Fiber

5 Precursor Complex

5 Post Collagen Treatment


Natural collagen: tightens and firms the skin, while hydrating, smoothing and soothing.

Caffeine, arnica and green tea: drain and activate microcirculation and decongestion.

Collagen amino acids (post-treatment vial): finalize and seal the collagen’s effects.

How to use

In the molded dish, moisten the mask with the 7 ml vial of PRECURSOR COMPLEX (EYE). Place the smooth side of the mask on the lower eyelid, starting in the inner corner and moving out. Eliminate air bubbles. Leave on for at least 20 minutes, then remove. Apply a few drops from the COLLAGEN POST TREATMENT vial

Use occasionally, or as an intensive treatment once a week for 5 weeks

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