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Cream Extraordinary

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$ 440.00

MBR Cream Extraordinary Pure Perfection 100 is a unique face cream with light texture, fresh smell and amazing results. Real gold leaf flakes are infused inside Cream Extraordinary for protection against all external influences. The gold particles it contains diffract the light, thus concealing minor imperfections, wrinkles, and shadows. Recommended for particularly dry, irritated, and damaged skin, these particles have a particularly soothing, refreshing, and restorative effect.

- Boosts collagen synthesis

- Stimulates microcirculation

- Stimulates/ rejuvenates cells

- Smoothes and firms the skin

- Provides skin with more moisture

- Gives skin a balanced, fresh and natural appearance

- Makes skin feel silky-soft

Ingredients: Lanolin, Kalpariane, argan oil, jojoba oil, crambe oil, vitamin E acetate, phytoconcentrole chamomille, hyaluronic acid, ergothioneine, vitamin A, CroNolineTM, gold, Pentavitin®

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