Erase and slow down the effects of aging with Valmont’s Time Master

valmont time master anti aging 28 day program

Now that summer is slowly coming to an end, it is time to look into skincare products that will reverse skin damage caused by the sun. “Nothing erases and slows down aging like Valmont’s Time Master 28-day Intensive Program”, says Vicki Morav. “It is highly concentrated with active ingredients that regulate the chemical exchange of the skin cells and reverse the course of time. The skin appears plumper, regenerated, and more radiant.” she continues.

How long is the Time Master Intensive Program?

Time Master Intensive Program is a 4-week long treatment. It has a total of 14 gold-banded vials, and each vile is intended to be used in two days.

What’s in it?

Most skincare products have a concentration of active ingredients at around 5%. With Time Master Intensive Program, the concentration reaches… buckle up: 26%!! Ingredients are carried to skin cells in super speed thanks to the smooth nano-emulsion, a process that regenerates the skin from within.

  • A blend of hyaluronic acids to provide plump and hydration
  • Liposomed DNA and RNA duo for energizing and stimulating skin cell renewal
  • Peptide+ Cocktail to restore firmness and elasticity

How to use Valmont’s Time Master Intensive Treatment?

This highly concentrated cellular treatment should be used right after your vitamin C product - such as SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic, or Forlle’d VC100 Essence.

With Time MAster, healthy skin and beautiful glow are just around the corner!



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