Are your skincare tools drawer proof?

Let’s face it - we all need some extra help with our skin! Whether you’re in need of reducing puffiness, improving your skin’s texture, or lifting and toning the muscles, the options for skincare tools are limitless. I love skincare tools and I urge everyone that makes an investment to USE THEM. Most tools end up in the drawer and are forgotten. Find the time and incorporate them within your skincare regimen. They can’t make drastic changes, but know that every little step helps in the long run.

Not sure how to incorporate them? Here are some tips from my own personal experience:

Skin roller: I use ReFa Face Roller while I watch a movie. I apply my skincare products and I sculpt and massage the face, neck, and the back of my neck for about 20 min.

Gua sha: I like to use a gua sha after I apply Valmont’s Hydra 3 Regenetic. It helps with gliding and makes the experience much more pleasing.

Microneedling roller: Make sure your roller is disinfected properly. I also prep may skin by washing and applying Serum Iribiol to make sure I eliminate any left over bacteria. Apply your favorite quintessential serum and get rolling. Be gentle and use Valmont Collagen Mask afterwards. If you want to take the treatment to the next level, use an iceacle over the mask for healing and calming effect.

Microcurrent tools: Also can be used while watching TV. They are great for stimulating the skin and giving you a lifted look.


What is your favorite skincare tool and how do you like to use them? Are they drawer proof? :)


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