MBR Medical Beauty Research

Sunblock High Protection Cream SPF 30

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MBR Sunblock High Protection Cream SPF 30

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Medical Beauty Research Sunblock SPF 30 High Protection Cream is more than just a sunblock. Besides not leaving white residue on the skin, this innovative multi-action sunscreen provides maximum skin protection while stimulating the production of essential Vitamin D for natural cell regeneration and defense.

Optimal sun protection for an even and healthy tan.

The innovative multi-action sun care creams provide long-lasting, maximum skin protection while activating the natural immune and cell defense system, improving the cell regeneration. A nourishing complex deeply moisturizes, soothes stressed skin and smooths the skin’s surface structure. Medical SUNcare creams protect against sunburn and UV ray induced premature skin aging, using efficient high-tech board-spectrum filters. Additionally this advanced sunblock formulation smoothes wrinkles, regenerates the skin and prevents the emergence of further wrinkles as well as pigmentation spots.

The light, non-sticky cream is cleanly dispensed, easily applied and quickly absorbed, leaving a silky soft feel without an undesired sheen. Provides an excellent protection during a day in the sun, outdoor activities or everyday life.

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