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Lotion MC 110 No.2 (Discontinued)

Biologique Recherche Lotion MC 110 #2 purifies and exfoliates the skin.

This product has been discontinued. For a replacement look in to Lotion MC 110 #1. Link below:


Enhances the epidermal functions.
Tones and moisturizes the skin.
Plumps and fills wrinkles and fine lines.

Purifying and plumping agents: Plankton and Burdock Extract.
Moisturizing agent: Lactic Acid.
Antioxidant agent: Vitamin PP.
Stimulating agent: Walnut Extract.

To the face, neck and cleavage and to the eye area (with care).
Saturate a pad with Lotion MC 110.
Apply to the cleavage, neck, eye area and lips by tapping in upward movements.
Repeat until the skin retains a veil of humidity.

Note :
- Actions similar to those of the products containing Fruit Acids, but with less risk of burning or irritation.
- This lotion may cause redness. This reaction is at the root of the plumping effect.

Size: 1oz
Brand: Biologique Recherche

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