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Vicki Morav, skin care guru, master aesthetician and guardian of brilliant beauty secrets has been working her magic one face at a time for over 25 years.  Morav coined the term Performance Skincare for her personalized and curated approach to dramatically rejuvenating skin.  Her results oriented practice is based on her extensive knowledge of skin care, utilizing breakthrough technology, and layering the skin with the highest quality anti-anging products customized to match one's chemistry. Her ultimate weapon--skilled hands, a caring, positive attitude and an innate understanding of each client's beauty needs from the inside out.

The effect is nothing short of miraculous with A list clients from the fashion, media, film and business arenas lining up for their next appointment to benefit from Morav's comprehensive skin renewal techniques. Each of her facials includes numerous synergistic procedures with extraordinary benefits that are restorative, pampering and blissfully addictive.

Raised in Russia and schooled in Israel at the European Institute in Tel Aviv, Morav arrived in New York in the nineteen eighties. Here she further honed and refined her skills with leading beauty authorities including a decade long relationship with Catherine Atzen Spa which inspired her to develop Face and Body, a skin care division for the Minardi salon.  
In 2003, Morav opened Gallerie Aesthetique to create her own skin care oasis where clients could experience the restorative powers and dramatic results of her pioneering skin care renewal techniques-- leaving all with gorgeous, healthy skin that glows.

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