My amazing weekend!

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I must say, for most of my career, I felt special; but this weekend was beyond food for my soul!!!

I get an email from my very dear client's / friend's husband, Miles, asking me for help with Jeans birthday gift. Assuming they don't live in NYC, and come to visit from time to time, I figured Miles had something in mind and I said, sure thing - thinking Miles and I will be going shopping at some extravagant jeweler. :)) 
Miles emails me back and tells me that I AM Jeans birthday gift, and that nothing will surprise her more or make her happier than me flying to Miami to perform a weekend of facials and treatments.

I was so touched by his thoughtfulness that I couldn't say NO. He was like a little kid wanting something so very special. Not to mention, I thought to myself, what kind of a man things this way? This is unbelievable! I was so proud of him to even come up with this idea. :)
I really didn’t have not another ounce of energy to travel again, but my love for Jean and respect for Miles was stronger than my overworked body.

After Vlora arranged for everything as planned, we get an email from Miles with a subject line URGENT. He said that Jean just informed him that she wants to come to NY to see me for her birthday and he asked us to refuse the appointment and just say NO. :) 
OMG! We have always made an effort to book Jean, as she has been a client for so many years. Just like that, we cut the cord and told her that I was traveling a lot for family reasons and I will not be able to accommodate her at this time! Very disappointed Jean asked to send her regards. BTW, she has never used that WORD with me lol. 

Miles was super relieved and happy the surprise was still on, not even realizing what was in store - because he is just a guy and he is thinking I will show up with a bag of creams!!! LOL

It is Friday afternoon - I am all ready, packed and confirmed. I get to Miami at 11:30pm. I arrived at their amazing Trump Hollywood building and I see Miles waiting for me at the lobby. He looks at me and tells me he had to tell Jean that they are having last minute company. She was a bit upset at him for not telling her who it was and for not having enough time to create perfection in the guest room. :)) His believe was that in a million years she wouldn't guess who it was. And that was true indeed. 

As we walk in from the elevator, directly to their absolutely drop dead gorgeous apartment, designed by Jean, Miles screams out: “Is anybody home?” As Jean comes out, her jaw drops....she can't believe her eyes and she is in tears. :)) Miles is a happy man. :)) He was able to really surprise her!! An amazing story of love so deep and so precious!! It wasn't about Facials, or me - it was his thoughtfulness!!! MILES, YOU ROCK!!!!

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He reserved the luxury massage room for 2 days. I prepared the room with towels, candles and all the equipment: Clear + Brilliant laser, Biologique Recherche Face Remodeling Microcurrent Machine, Atzen lymphatic drainage, vitamin infusions, acids, Biologique Recherche professional products, Valmont, MBR Medical Beauty Research, Skin Ceuticals, Natura Bisse and much more. (I really took my whole room with me)

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The room was perfect. Jean was in haven and Miles was ecstatic because Jean was in haven :) and I was beyond fulfilled deep inside my soul as this was the most satisfying feeling to make a special girl and boy happy. :))) 
We had the best weekend . Jean and Miles were amazing hosts as they treated me to the best of Miami experience. Great food, amazing views, and especially the time with them that was kind and loving!!! 

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I LOVE my work, love my life, love you Jean and Miles!! Thank you for being in my life and for just being YOU! 

Special thanks to Vlora for putting extra hours and tremendous effort to make all this happen for Jean, Miles and especially ME! ❤️ Love you dearly!!!

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Great story. Glad it went off without hitch and that you had an amazing time.

EL December 08, 2016

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