Why use milky cleansers?

Lait VIP 02, Lait E.V and Lait U - Which one is the right one for your skin?

Lait vip 02 lait u and lait e.vEveryone’s skincare routine should start with a good cleanser. Since this step sets the foundation for the rest of the regimen, milky cleansers are essential pretty much for everyone. They are very gentle and friendly on the skin, yet effective as they emulsify the impurities - including makeup. Milky cleansers create a resolution that gel cleansers can't accomplish, even for someone that falls under the "oily skin" category. That is right, people with oily skin should also use milky cleansers, because oils in the skin are very beneficial and anti-aging, and preserving them is never a bad idea.

Biologique Recherche has three different formulated milky cleaners, and they can be used to remove make up thanks to the botanical oils that they contain. If you like a lighter texture, Lait U is the one that does not leave an oily film. Lait E.V is gentler and is recommended for sensitive skin as it comforts, soothes and softens stressed and devitalized skins. Lait VIP 02 cleanser is ideal for everyone that lives in an urban area. This cleanser protects the skin from pollutants, thanks to its oxygenating properties. It is also recommended for dry skin. All cleansers should be rinsed off with water and never wiped with a cloth. If they are wiped, they have the tendency to leave the skin feel a little bit tacky.

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Lait vip lait u and lait e.v

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Hi there!!!!
I live in the dry mountains of Colorado and I am hoping you can making some Biologique Recherhce skincare suggestions for me?!? Or any brand really. I get some drying around my chin and a little oily through my T zone!
I look forward to hearing back and doing some shopping!!!!!

Ashley Mueller April 24, 2020

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