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Biologique Recherche Creme Masque Vernix

Posted on January 28 2016

No better time then ‪#‎Winter‬ to use this special ‪#‎MARVEL‬ that saves your‪#‎skin‬ and ‪#‎protects‬ it from harsh ‪#‎environment‬
Whether you are in a cold winter city, ‪#‎skiing‬, long travels or just have very thin dry and hormonally depleted skin VERNIX IS YOUR SOLUTION !!!

Biologique Recherche Creme Masque Vernix
Just to fill you in on what ‪#‎VERNIX‬ is:
It is the white goop that covers the baby's body when it is born. Imagine the little newborn infant, not yet immune to environmental properties.. Vernix serves to conserve heat and protect the delicate newborn skin from environmental stress. It is also known to have an antibacterial effect, though there is little evidence at this time to support a chemical role of vernix in protecting the infant from infection. Yet it may form a physical barrier to the passage of bacteria.
People didn't know much about Vernix. They used to wash it off. A great discovery showed that it has multiple protective ingredients from the mothers womb and they recommend that it can be massaged in to the skin for the first 24 hours to help the baby build resistance.
Too much information :))
This little story tells you a bit of what Vernix may do for you in harsh conditions.
BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE was able to create this very special formula from similar nutrition. Its rich concentrated ingredients such as Ceramides complex, Omega 3 and 6 from raspberry oil, Luffa oil, placenta extract, carob seed extract, yeast extract and more... created a formula that mimics the original composition of newborns Vernix.
Bravo ‪#‎BIOLOGIQUERECHERCHE‬ for giving us this amazing tool!!!
How to use ‪#‎crememasqueVernix‬
* Use it as a mask for 20 min
* Apply it on top of your moisturizer during the day and/or overnight, on the plane, skiing, in very dry climate or for very thin, dry and sun damaged skin
* You may use it daily for 2 to 3 month to build up resistance and create a more tolerant skin
*You may use it on nights of Retin A as it will help you be less reactive and repair the surface faster
*Understand that Vernix is not your moisturizer - it is your environmental protective layer. By protecting the skin on the outside the inner layers regenerate at greater speed. Keep it dewy ! It's in fashion smile emoticon


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