My Trip to Spain with Valmont

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to share my trip to Spain with all of you.Vicki and Donna (Valmont Rep)

It was definitely the most unexpected and the most profound experience I have had in a long time. I surely never thought I would love or be enchanted by Spain as I was with Italy France Russia or Israel. Spain was a wonderful surprise everything from food, architecture, people, culture, history and more. Gaudi's work from those times is indescribable with words. One just has to be there. What a mind, vision, depth and spirit!!!

His gardens are infinite; the architecture just flows without an end. One can just keep climbing forever. The beauty of the way everything is planted and the meaning of his message and what it makes one feel is deep and profound. There had to have been a tremendous amount of surrender to God to manifest such magnificence. Who would have ever thought modernism could have existed at that time.

The Sagrada De Famillia is beyond anything one can just describe. It is still being built over a hundred years after Gaudi's death. He knew he was not going to see it done but he had a plan that is being manifested at this time and may take many more decades.

As Sephardic Jews were originated in Spain and I am one, I wanted to see the oldest temple that has existed since the 12th century. This little jewel located in the old city in Barcelona. It is now a place people visit and get to see what it was like to be a Jew at that time. It was a very emotional experience for me. Thanks to Donna, a Valmont rep and her husband Konrad that found the temple. I got to light a candle as tears ran down my face, and say a prayer for the world :). AMAZING!!!

Al Hambra in Granada was another magnificent experience where one sees beauty beyond today's comprehension. It’s a city of palaces and gardens that are being climbed daily by thousands of tourists. It made me feel as I have been there at some other life time. :)

Visiting Valmont in Barcelona was a real treat. The new spa and offices are located in a very lush residential neighborhood of Barcelona. The space was beautiful and the staff was wonderful and welcoming. I had an amazing body treatment for slimming and firming of course :). The space is filled with art collected by Didier Guillon, the owner of Valmont. It is a very special place to visit and be treated.

Marbella was a perfect special ending to my trip. Great beaches, food and people from all over the world. Very charming in its own kind of way. When I got to Marbella my phone was out of order and I spent a whole week without it. First, I was out of my mind but then had to surrender and just experience detachment from my daily routine :). I have to admit it felt amazing once I let go.

A real vacation :)

I look forward to going back and exploring more of this amazing country.

Thank you Valmont for this wonderful treat!!! :)

Hope you all get to experience it in the profound way I did.

Now back to work :)

I now feel that I have so much more to accomplish and so much more to give as I get back after seeing , feeling and experiencing Spain :)

Can't wait to see you all!!!

Much love,

Vicki Morav

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