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Introducing MBR Liquid Surgery

Posted on March 01 2017


MBR Liquid Surgery

I can't believe I'm saying these words as I am the biggest promoter of layers
But here is something so very special for the ones that have no time or just too lazy to layer :)
Based on a medical oxygen carrier and used as a hemoglobin substitute replacing excess carbon dioxide with essential pure oxygen , allowing for a complete rejuvenation of cell metabolism
It's neuromuscular blocking compounds reduce expression resulting in a dramatic reduction of creases as well as strengthening collagen fibers preventing further sogginess and wrinkle formation.
Colloidal gold allows an optimal penetration of all the pharmaceutical ingredients.

It was beyond challenging giving this product a try as I had to give up all my precious layers of serums and do a SOLO!!!

As every company makes sense in there Own way I still don't believe anything until I try it myself ( the guinea pig herself :))

My fave way of using it

Cleansing Enzyme Booster (click here)
Liquid Surgery Serum (click here)
Eye Cream Smooth 100 (click here)
Cream Extraordinary ( omg) (click here)

It takes a few days to build and balance but THEN you get the kind of plump that is rare to achieve
I love finishing all my regiments with Fluid VIP 02 from Biologique Recherche. 
One can use this program for 3 month and then get back to normal routine, or we can just design a way for each individual and prescribe the proper way of using this very special product according to ones chemistry. 

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Blessings Love And Beauty 

Vicki Morav 


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