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MBR Enzyme Exfoliants and Boosters

Posted on April 05 2016

Derived from nature, enzymes are a safe way to gently exfoliate and break down the dead skin cells for a smoother, clearer and more radiant looking skin. This is where the MBR's Enzyme exfoliants come in.

Enzyme Cleansing Booster is a gentle cleansing powder that liquefies all impurities and dead cells for a deep pore cleansing. It leaves the skin super clean and revitalized. Minimizes fine lines, wrinkles and pores and revives dull skin.
Beta – Enzyme is a gel based exfoliant that contains mild hydroxy acids in combination with a papain enzyme complex. It is an effective solution for deep pore cleansing as well as removing sebum and lipid deposits. It regenerates the skin cells and refines its structure.
Enzyme Specialist is designed for sensitive, Rosacea and Eczema prone skin. It will gently exfoliate the skin while creating chemistry that won’t trigger or irritate Rosacea, Eczema or sensitivity. By stimulating the cell metabolism the overall cell condition is improved. A healing herbal infusion calms and soothes the skin instantly. #eczema#rosacea #sensitiveskin #enzymes#exfoliate #papainenzyme #mbr#medicalbeautyresearch #skincare


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