Correcting pigmentation:

Correcting pigmentation:
The causes of pigmentation can vary; each case is unique. Treating such condition requires proper nutritional changes, hormonal balance and topical resurfacing and protective skincare. Not to mention a balanced nervous system. In eastern medicine they say "get rid of upset and it will all go away." I wish it were that easy! smile emoticon
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Some of the main pigmentation causes are the following:
• overproduction of melanin
• hormonal imbalance/ melasma
• sun exposure
• genetic dispersion

Biologique Recherche Serum and Cream PIGM 400
We design a combination of treatments and products, as well as advise you to see proper practitioners, if necessary.
Here are two of many other skincare products that can help treat and control pigmentation disorder:
Biologique Recherche Serum PIGM 400 is a brightening spot-correcting serum that illuminates the complexion and fights free radicals. The serum prevents and reduces the appearance of existing dark spots.
Biologique Recherche Cream PIGM 400 is formulated with a dynamic combination of marine and botanical active ingredients. They are known their lightening properties and helps reduce pigmentation marks. It is recommended that it is used as a night cream and if exposed in the sun make sure you use proper sun protection.
There are much more topical products to correct and control pigmentation.
Ask us how to create chemistry that works.
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